Tele Medicine and the Future Of Health Care Today – Why You Need Tele Medicine

Tele Medicine is the future of health care. People just don’t know it yet. Tele Medicine has been around for about 10 years for the rich and famous. Medical convenience has always been around for those who have had the money for a doctor on call. Think of this service as that old time country doctor who made house calls on request. This kind of service is defined as none emergency medical discussions of symptoms that can be discussed through a web cam or over the phone. Most doctors involved with this service like the web cam because they can see the patient and it is a little more personal. If a person feels uncomfortable using a web cam they can just use the phone. Online services like Tele Medicine is just now starting to come to the attention of the media and the online community. Even though this service has been on line for 10 years. Ask the average person and they have no idea what Tele Medicine really is. This kind of on line service gives the patient convenience and time savings like nothing they had before through their health care provider. There are on line services today that are giving people the option of an app for the iPhone or the Android phone that let you do everything through your cell phone. Tele Medicine is an advance in health care that gives convenience to the patient as well as savings.Do you remember how 25 years ago people use to think of the cell phone as a fade? People use to look at a cell phone as a luxury of convenience. Now we see grandma using a iPhone at the store or even text messaging and who would thought. Why have so many people gone to using the cell phone? Very simple it’s all about convenience, time savings, and having peace of mind. I remember the days being out on the road looking for a pay phone to make a phone call. Now kids would look at a pay phone and say what is that Dad. Makes a person think their getting kind of old (LOL). What is my point to all of this!! These on line medical services are Medical Cares next cell phone ( Think about that ). If you were to define what Tele Medicine really is in one word it would be “Convenience.” Just like your cell phone you use everyday.This on line interaction gives you options to discuss symptoms, prescriptions, script issues, or care related issues such as heart disease or other long term diseases. These on line doctors can even relay information to your primary care giver. That means blood pressure readings, blood sugars, pulse rates and other simple readings can be documented and passed on to your general doctor. You may be wondering where Tele Medicine could be going in the future. This is just the beginning. As on line medical services will be common place in the doctors offices in the future. You will see new doctors coming out of the medical colleges. Wanting to give this on line medical service to their patients because of the convenience and time savings. All in all you are foolish to not at least look at Tele Medicine as being apart of your general health care long term plan. If you love the idea of convenience, time savings and just peace of mind. Which means you know you can get a hold of a doctor any time of the day or night. Then Tele Medicine is your next service you must have.Join the future in health care and be part of the revolution that could change the face of long term health care and the insurance industry. Where we could see Tele Medicine used in our everyday life when it comes to Medical care. Just like the x-ray machine used everyday in Medical field. This is not just a fade its a service here to stay in the long term. You will see people using this service more and more as time goes on. Tele Medicine is not just a service its a revolution of convenience.

Degree Programs at Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and design offers degree programs in art and design at campuses in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia, Hong Kong, and Lacoste, France. SCAD programs prepare students for professional careers in fine arts, fashion, design, architecture, film, the performing arts, and art education. The institution awards both bachelors and masters degrees. SCAD also offers certificate programs at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Programs of study at Savannah College of Art and Design fall under eight schools. The School of Building Arts includes programs in architecture, interior design, urban design, furniture design, and historic preservations. All of these programs are offered on the Savannah campus except interior design, which is also offered in Atlanta. The School of Communication Arts includes programs in advertising, graphic design, illustration, and sequential art. These programs are offered on multiple campuses as well as online.

The School of Design encompasses programs in sustainability, design management, industrial design, fibers, and jewelry design. These programs of study are offered at the Savannah campus. Classes in the School of Fashion are given in Atlanta and Savannah. Programs include fashion and accessory design as well as fashion marketing and management. SCAD partners with many companies and designers to give students opportunities for internships in these fields. Some of these partners include Target, JC Penney, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, and Juicy Couture. Designers include Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, and Marc Johnson.

A variety of programs are available in the School of Film, Design Media, and Performing Arts. Students may chose from animation, game development, dramatic writing, film and television, production design, and visual effects. Students in the performing arts have opportunities to audition in Atlanta and New York. Most of these programs are offered on multiple campuses. The School of Fine Arts includes concentrations in painting, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. SCAD offers degrees in art education and art history through its School of Liberal Arts. The School of Foundation Studies teaches students to link what they learn in the art studio to their creative goals.

The Savannah College of Art and Design’s Atlanta campus has gallery space to feature a variety of changing exhibitions. The SCAD Museum of Art is a premier contemporary art and design museum in Savannah. Exhibitions are designed to enrich and enhance the education of SCAD students, in addition to attracting visitors. SCAD’s Savannah campus is located at 342 Bull Street in the historic district. The Atlanta campus is located at 1600 Peachtree Street in midtown.